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Natan Stone flies into european goals

If you really want to do it professionally,
you have to make a commitment and sacrifice.

Get out of your comfort zone and chase your dream.



Who is Natan

Natan Stone is a American footballer, more specifically a goalkeeper, who, thanks to Foot Draft, is starting to fly in portuguese goals these days. His persistence and love of the sport has enabled the 18-year-old to earn a place in Estoril Praia's U18 team and, because he is considered a great promise for the club, he is already training with the U23 team.

Despite the young American goalkeeper's recent success, it was in his home country that he realised he wouldn't be able to pursue his desire to be a football goalkeeper professionally.

   having fun is is good and playing around your friends is good, but you have to get to work. [...]


So that's why I ultimately decided to come to Europe



How did he moved to Europe

The desire to become a professional football goalkeeper spoke louder and it was at that precise moment that Natan's father and agent, based in USA, contacted the FootDraft, which soon volunteered to help him realise his dreams. After being offered trials with various european teams, Natan ended up signing for GD Estoril Praia.

     We got in touch with the agency FootDraft here in Portugal and they helped us all the way [...]


Estoril Praia was the best club, thanks to Foot Draft.




How was the adaptation

     The support has been fantastic ever since I got here they were very professional [...]


 anytime I needed anything here whether it was food or questions where to go, I always got help right away [...]


FootDraft always supporting me


Adapting to the new country wasn't easy at first, not only because he was still finishing high school but also because he had to adapt to the new training methods and the demands of the european trials. However, Natan believes that the Foot Draft agency has made the process of adapting to Portugal much easier with all the help it has given him on and off the football pitch.


Future goals


The conditions at his new club were everything he wanted in order to become a professional footballer. Natan  was impressed by the skills of his team-mates, confessed that this was also one of the reasons why he felt he was growing as a footballer.


That the level of professionalism and coaching is far above what was practised in America.

Natan has no regrets about his decision to leave his home country, to try out european trials and to recently sign for Estoril Praia.


For now, his goals are set: to become an even better footballer, gain more technique and play more intelligently. For the future, the big goal is to one day be able to play in the portuguese Primeira Liga.

"Testimony from Natan's father"

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